Gusto on the Go Bistro | San Luis Obispo Food Truck
Established in 2013

Conceived out of a love for food and travel, we at Gusto on the Go Bistro have taken our personal epicurean journey from around the world to bring a unique and creative culinary experience to the streets of our home town, San Luis Obispo, California.  GUSTO (pronounced GOO-stoh) is the Italian word for "taste", or "flavor".  We found it a fitting name to revolutionize the concept of "to go", proving that gourmet food can be affordable and available at your convenience via our mobile kitchen, aka food truck.  Come join us along our weekday lunch route or seek us out to cater your next private or special event. And for the nights you don't have time to cook (or just don't feel like it), let us do the prep for you with our fresh, ready to heat take-home dinners!  We specialize in tantalizing your taste buds with menu items full of flavor.

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